Messaging apps are mainly used for private communication be it personal or professional. Therefore, the privacy should be the major concern of any messenger apps. But, unfortunately, the encryption in messaging apps has come very late with Telegram came into the market with the main focus of security claiming that it heavily encrypts all the data with time-tested algorithms. Then, there were some other not-so-well-known apps (Signal & IMO) providing end-to-end encryption to all type of communication including texts, voice and video calls.

Recently, we saw the announcements from two top messaging apps i.e. Whatsapp and Viber that they have started end-to-end encryption to all the chats and calls. I guess I am not wrong in thinking that all other messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, WeChat, Hangouts etc will soon be implementing encryption to stay competitive in the market.

Below is a brief list given for the top messaging apps with the availability of encryption and their user base. The source says that around 4 billion users are using unsecured messaging apps, making themselves vulnerable to their privacy.

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First published on Linkedin Pulse.

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