The business world is getting ready for another holiday season which is expected to bring up to 100% more sales in just last 2 months of the year than the rest of the year.

According to Phil Wahba at Fortune, the ecommerce sales is expected to hit more than $94 billion, through which the online business share will hit the 10% of the total holiday season sales for the first time. This will mark a major milestone for ecommerce industry. Washington Post article also seconds this forecast since Data Analysts Companies such as Deloitte and AlixPartners have already forecasted 3.3% to 4% increase in sales as compared to last season.

According to a recent report by Live Chat Inc., there is an average 63% more website visits in the holiday season as compared to usual day of the year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the top 2 days with 120.4% and 104.3% more visits respectively.

Holiday Season Live Chat Challenges

This huge boom and the increase in website visitors bring more chats due to which below possible challenges rises:

  • The queue waiting increases by 204.3% on Black Friday and 264.9% on Cyber Monday.
  • There is an increase in number of support tickets by 138.4% on Black Friday and 142.8% on Cyber Monday.
  • Chat duration increases on average to 11min 11sec and 11min 23sec on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, respectively.
  • Unavailability of Live Chat agents during a time of day.
  • Heavy traffic load on website may cause website/server downtime
  • Possible DDOS attack by hackers for ransom or by competitors on website/server/database

The businesses that ignore such statistics end up with low customer satisfaction, low quality of agents’ performance, loss of potential customers due to long wait in queue, bad word of mouth and negative reviews by impatient or angry customers, excessive team workload and mismanagement, poor website performance and above all financial loses.

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